Finished socks

I finished Mr Mogs socks and one of the other rainbow socks. All yarn hand dyed by me:) Wow that feels good to be able to say that, my own hand dyed. Artis Anne you don't know what you have unleashed on the world showing me how to dye. you can see the different colours in the middle picture. This pair will be for the hospice I think.
I've wound the orange yarn and cast on. What a strange thing knitting in one colour, not at all what I'm used to:) They yarn is lovely and I recommend the dyer Helen at Ripples Crafts
Very speedy delivery, yummy colours and a good price.
Although of course my spending on dyed yarn will now (hopefully)decrease as I dye my own.


maylin said…
Those socks are bound to put a bounce in Mr Mog's step.
Aknita said…
What great socks :-)

Great dyeing too - I shall have to knit some of my splodgy hand dyed yarn soon :-)
clarabelle said…
Lovely socks, and well done with the dyeing! You've got one on me - I still haven't quite felt the urge...

Thanks for the Ripples link; the yarn looks gorgeous and it's always good to support small dyers like this.
Anonymous said…
I absolutely love the bright colours! I'm sure they'll keep Mr Mog happy!
FairiesNest said…
Wow, I'm very impressed with your yarn dyeing! The socks look of these days I'm going to learn to knit socks. (Adding that to my list!)
Such wonderfully colourful socks and dyed to Mr Mog's taste.
I bet he feels really cheerful the moment he puts them on. They would brighten anyones day.
I can foresee you having colourful hands as you get into dyeing wool in the future. No more searching the net for the right colour. Get out the dye pot!

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