A great hospital appointment:) Solid sock KAL

Bet that made you all look didn't it? We had to go to the hospital today for Mr Mogs 3 monthly appointment and it was great. Seen exactly on time to the minute and all good stuff. His PSA is .4 when anything up to 4 is good. They are very pleased with his progress and booked to see him in 3 months. Seems the tiredness/mood swings and breast soreness are to be endured at the moment. The breast things certainly until he stops taking the hormones but the rest hopefully will lessen as Mr Mog gets used to them.
Didn't get much done on the sock knitting with us not being there too long but for some reason I don't mind that:)
I've joined the solid sock KAL on Ravelry, I thought having to knit with one colour would be a suitable challenge for me and after all this months colour is orange so I almost had to:)
I've decided that the following months I will attempt to dye my own yarn, this month I've got some dyed by someone else as I'm not sure when I'd be able to get some dyed up in time.
Tomorrow we are off to Cumbria to see friends and to meet up with Cecilia from Woolfest. She has offered to help wind the mohair so watch this space.


Sue said…
Great news! Can Mr Mog take evening primrose oil to help with the breast soreness or will it interfere with his hormones in a bad way? Cos it really helped me in the days when I had that periodically....
Havr a great time in Cumbria: will be looking forward to hearing all about it.
Aknita said…
I looked at this KAL on Ravelry, but to quote an ex-England football manager, "do I not like Orange" ;-)

I have nominated you for a special award Amber

Blue Witch said…
More good news - hurrah, you deserve some good fortune for a change!
Roobeedoo said…
Oh that is great news! have a fabulous relaxing weekend! :D
Artis-Anne said…
Great news Amber and I heard you all had a lovely day with Cecilia and managed to getthe mohair untangled too :)

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