A stressful day:(

Mr Mog was supposed to go in for his operation today at 10.30am. We were told to ring at 9 and check there was a bed. There wasn't. They took our number and said they would ring soon as a bed was available. Finally got a phone call 4pm to say no bed. Mr Mog can eat til midnight, water til 6am and go in at 8am for operation 10.30ish. A lot better in some ways as he gets to spend the night at home instead of in hospital worrying over the op. BUT a stress for someone with high blood pressure and cancer to have to spend today worrying what time he would go in and if his op would be cancelled. I think I've aged 10 years at least and have a new crop of grey to be hennaed:)
More news tomorrow when hopefully he will be in recovery
thanks so much for your good thoughts we both appreciate them. Please, whatever path you follow, think positive healing thoughts for tomorrow and after
Thank you:)


Marianne said…
A continuous stream has already begun... holding you both close.
Needles said…
Done. You are both in my prayers.

Take stupid easy knitting while you wait. Remember pacing doesn't help, knitting does. But you know this already, so just know that there are a whole lot of us out here, thinking of you. A world of thoughts has to count for something.
Bryony Ramsden said…
I'm thinking of you both pet. Sending vibes and thoughts your way.

Blue Witch said…
Hoping all goes/has gone well.

I don't understand why there isn't a better system to unblock blocked beds (ie/eg a holding bay for people well enough to go home who don't for whatever logistical reason) and stop people having to go through this experience. A Nice Lady friend of mine was bounced 5 times by the local NHS hospital before I heard about it and rattled a few cages.
It's the final straw, isn't it, when you're facing the day and there is yet another delay. It seems to happen everywhere but that's no comfort. I side with Needles - take stupid, easy knitting, and lots of it - miles of stocking stitch would be good.

All the powers in this corner of the world linked strongly to you right now and continuing.
MargaretR said…
Good vibes winging their way to you from Wales.
Judith said…
Thoughts and prayers from across the world to you and Mr Mog. Judith, Canberra, Australia
Take lots to read ~ but those easy to dip in and out of magazines that normally you wouldn't be seen dead handling! You won't remember much about what you read anyway . .

I had mastectomies this year. My advice to Mr Mog? Take a deep breath and let go . . .

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