My ISE parcel arrived:))

Look what my fabulous pal in the ISE exchange sent me:))

Tammy from lavendar knits made me this fabulous scarf/shawl in Lornas laces shepherd sock Black Purl colourway:) It is my colour to a T thank you Tammy:)) That wasn't all as you can see from the stash above. Tammy sent me lots of teas and the Christmas Eve is yummy, Mr Mog and I have just had a cup each. 3, count them, 3 sets of options circular needles in the new colourways. Never ever had these before and they are ace. Even my youngest grandson aged 9 thought he would rather like these if I didn't need them:)) As if I'd let them out of my sweaty paws. Then a pattern for the Japanese vines shawl by Michelle Molis, this is on the to do list once my sock obsession has abated somewhat. Not likely to be soon when you see the other gifts from Tammy, the Lucy Neatby book I wanted, indeed craved after borrowing it from the library. Then yarn in abundance. Knit picks Alpaca cloud in Autumn, 2 skeins of this. I haven't knit with Alpaca so I'll really enjoy trying this. But there is more:) A skein of Cherry Tree Hill supersock in Burgundy and a skein of Twisted zen string serendipity sport. Tammy I can't tell you enough times how wonderful your gift was, thank you so much:)


Marianne said…
What a lovely and delightful parcel, packed full of goodies! And the Harmony needles! They'll make knitting the alpaca much easier too :^) The scarf/shawl is Gorgeous!
Very happy for you, you'll be having good times with all that loveliness.
Tammy said…
Wow, this is so awesome that you were wanting the book, and I knew you were eyeing the needles. I am just so pleased that you like all of your goodies. I had such a great time figuring out what to send you.
Roobeedoo said…
What a treasure trove! Woo hoo!

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