A bad day all round:(

Today was consultant day regarding further treatment for Mr Mog. He is to have 7 and half weeks of daily radiotherapy and at least 2 years hormone treatment. but oh boy the side
effects:( I know they have to be open with you but it's so harsh hearing the consultant telling you that yes there could be incontinence, diarrohea, bowel damage and possible colostomy. Not what we wanted to hear. Apparently Mr Mogs cancer was a little worse than we had thought, more aggressive. Hard to believe when the dear love hasn't an aggresive bone in his body.
So all in all not a good day. And when we arrived at the hospital only one other couple waiting and we still had to ask when we would be seen. Not sure what they were doing but the other couple had waited over an hour. Mr Mog has white coat syndrome so his blood pressure goes up at the doctors or hospital and waiting around didn't help him. I could see him getting whiter and whiter. The fear of the unknown I know but even the offer of a chance to do a jigsaw of Fergie and Prince Andrew's wedding didn't cheer him much:))


Marianne said…
I hope my comment made it through, although I hit publish, it didn't tell me it had been saved...

I'll say it again, as best as I can remember... then if the first one did indeed go through you can delete this one, ok?

Oh dear Amber and Mr.Mog, I am so sorry to hear what a bad day today has been... just keep in mind the words 'there COULD be' and not 'there WILL be'... there are so many people holding you close and sending all manner of healing energy to you... find that place of peace inside yourself, you'll also find the warrior there, and together there's no telling what can be done, eh?
Rosie said…
so sorry to hear the latest news...hang on in there! But what a rubbish jigsaw! Maybe Mr Mog might take up knitting to get him through these situations (not that Mr Caught Knitting has ever been persuaded, even after the eye op where it listed knitting as one of the things you could do while recuperating!)
Tan said…
Sending prayers Mr. Mog-ward tonight.
Roobeedoo said…
You know, they don't have to be open with you at all - I certainly don't feel like our docs tell us anything unless we ask. So although it all sounds terrifying, at least you know what the worst case scenario might bring - and when it turns out better than that, you can feel "blessed". Said Pollyanna. Chins up, chaps! We are rooting for you!
Sorry to hear today's news. Fingers crossed he doesn't get the side effects. That jigsaw would be enough to uspet anyone!!! I didn't make it to Harrogate either at the week-end. Hugs xx
hugs and purrs to you both from the weemidden and the girls.....extra snores from Toty(posh name Plato, even though she's a girl)
sending healing thoughts to you
BabyLongLegs said…
Sending positive thoughts northward in a Mr Mog direction.....
Some extra ones too...to put in your pocket for emergencies ;)

Sarah xXx
Angela Cox said…
Because of the toxins that had filled Jeff's organs for so long without being diagnosed they gave us the worst case scenario. It was terrifying but luckily it didn't happen, he still has a chance of damage .I suppose they want you to be prepared but I don't think there is any way you can be . So I am thinking of you both and hope you can feel the prayers etc everyone will be sending.
Bryony Ramsden said…
That's quite nasty, but still, not the worst case scenario, and still not necessarily going to happen. Be prepared, but keep your hopes up too - you have plenty of people doing that for you too (including me).

Keep knitting socks to keep you sane enough to stop Mr Mog from doing Fergie jigsaws...

Big hugs to you both.
Anonymous said…
Hi there, as was said before the side effects may not happen. The Radiotherapy although sound horrendous is given in short bursts everyday to prevent major side effects and allow the body to recover.
Mr Mogs side effects right now might actually be the hormones ... don't forget to tell the doctor all this on Weds.
Thinking of you both. Where will he be having Radiotherapy .. do you have to travel far?

Denise said…
Hi Amber, I've just found your blog from my comments and I'm sorry to hear about Mr. Mog's health issues.

I'll be thinking of you both.
take care.

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