First hat made

Well I made my first hat in over 25 years and I'm thrilled with it. It fits, its warm and if the pattern went a bit skeewif when shaping who cares? Its from the Colinette accessories book and the yarn is Adriafil chunky. It took just under 2 50gm balls which wasn't too bad. I made the tip of the hat a bit longer rather than stumpy as I preferred that. I'm going to stitch some bells to it, one on the top and one each on the ear pieces. Now I've got the bug so must make another. This took around 2 hours tops so not too bad I thought. Had an email from my SP7 partner which was good. I wonder where she is from as the sign ups seem to be from all over the world. Went to see a friend in Ulverston today and looked in the yarn shop there. What a lovely shop it is and lots of samples to look at and touch. Very inspiring but I was good and didn't buy anything except a pack of sewing up needles with big eyes for chunky wool. Was very tempted though. The monastery is looking more gaudy by the day, way too much gold decoration for me and doesn't sit well with the old priory buildings. However thats their choice. I'd have thought the money better spent on upkeep of the grounds and buildings that are there. Looked at Noro Silk Garden in the YS, wow what lovely colours and the locally dyed and spun yarns were wonderful. I once had a go at spinning but found it hurt my back way too much so gave up. I decided there was no point spinning if it was going to put me in bed for several days so now I buy yarn instead. I have had a go at dyeing some and that came out ok, although not what I had in mind. I'm much better at dyeing felt for my dolls.


dreamcatcher said…
Nice hat! I have that pattern book too and that was the one that caught my eye. Oops now I have another item to add to the already-huge list of potential projects :-)
Woolly Wormhead said…
Great hat Amber! If you fancy some other projects I've some posted...;)
acrylik said…
Love the hat, I will have to look out for the pattern. Great colourway too - and the addition of bells is fantastic :)
Katie said…
Nice hat - I will have to think about getting that book!

Are you in the S. Lakes? If so, if you ever get down to Lancaster you should drop in on our new knitting group: see


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