SP7, a package came:)

I received a great gift today from my SP:) Look what she made for me a gorgeous pair of gauntlets. Fraid my picture isn't too good but its getting dark here and I did so want to put a picture up. The gauntlets fit perfectly and I love the pattern on the top, kind of rib diamond? Also choc, a note pad for my ideas etc and a moggie card:) Thank you SP I love the thought you put into the gift and I do appreciate it.


HazelNutcluster said…
Ooh, I'm getting sooo jealous that I missed this one. Your parcel is lovely. Full of good stuff :)
Amber's Pal said…
I am so glad it arrived :-)
Glad you like it, too! It's a knitted rhomb out of the ribbing. I really like this pattern as it adjusts well to different hand sizes.
Best wishes and happy Monday
Your Pal
ambermoggie said…
many thanks again I love everything you sent:) Is it an online pattern?Hazel you will have to join next time and I'm loving the stuff you are knitting
ambermoggie said…
hazel or my pal:) any hints fo easy sock pattern? confused on sock knitters site?
HazelNutcluster said…
Other people will probably know this better than me, Amber. I only knitted one rubbish sock that got frogged.

I bought the Cherry Tree Hill Basic Supersock from Woolly Workshop to be done when I am feeling 'socky' again. I find it hard to do concentration type knitting a lot of the time.

Thanks for your kind words :)
rachel said…
Go to my blog, click on my profile and send me an email, then we can correspond without using the comments!! I have loads of copies of an easy pattern and can explain it to you too!
Minnieknits said…
Do you have or can you get hold of Ann Budds book 'Handy book of patterns'? There is a good chapter on socks in there - thats how I cut my teeth on sock knitting and I've not looked back!
P.S Thanks for coming over and commenting - I feel properly 'blogtised' now!
Yvonne said…
Amber - We have a TEAM CAT BED USA and you are more than welcome to join us as an honorary member. We don't expect you to defect or anything. :-) I know on Franklin's blog you mentioned a cat team...so this was as close as we could get. :-) Visit my blog for more details...and love your moggie! Beautiful kitty. :-)
HazelNutcluster said…
Amber, fellow-bloggers have put some sock help on your comment on my blog if you want to check them out :D

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