Yet another hat finished:)

Well I finished another hat, this time in fluffy pink eyelash yarn. Have a few balls of this so either needed to knit it or sell it:) Think I'll sell rest though as I've already done 2 scarves in it plus this hat. Thats enough in one colour don't you think? Isn't it pretty and I don't wear pink:) It feels so soft and warm and strokeable. Ooh I need to knit something else . I'd like to find another easy hat pattern that isn't a pull on bobble hat, something with style and pizazz. Not asking a lot am I? Tonight we are going out for a meal to celebrate a friends birthday. Going to a Thai restaurant on the coast. Haven't been there before but I do love Thai food . Then tomorrow grandson aged seven is cooking us Spag Bol, done the proper way vegetables chopped etc. No packet foods for this lad. I am quite looking forward to it as he is so keen. Think he takes after me plus DD. I showed her how to cook from around 4 I think and now she is teaching the 2 grandsons. Next week the elder one 9 is cooking penne with something:)


Amber's Pal said…
I think learning to cook is a really ghood thing these days with all the scandals around food nowadays. At least when you cook by yourself you know what's inside. But getting a meal cook by your 7yo grandson is really special!
Like the hat. Although I don't like kntting with eyelash yarn that much.
BTW a letter is on the way and a little package will be shipped either tomorrow or Monday.
Best wishes
ambermoggie said…
Thanks, I am looking forward to trying his spag bol:) And thank you also for your emails my SP7 I really appreciate it and will let you know when letter etc arrive:) Isn't this fun:) I have decided I am not too keen on eyelash its ok in small doses but generally you get a certain look with it don't you? and its not fun for showing a pattern
MargaretR said…
Enjoy both meals Amber!
Love the hat. Does your daughter like pink perhaps? I have knitted a few sarves for the family this year and they've gone down well.
I can never find a really nice unusual hat shape. Not much to ask is it?
ambermoggie said…
thanks to Margaret I asked my daughter if she would like the hat. She is thrilled with it and it will be ideal for Austria next week

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