Yeah, pictures of the shawl finished:)

Well I've finished and I've blocked and I've published:)) The shawl is finally finished. I don't want fringing I've decided I like it the way it is. Couldn't get a good pic of it so you'll have to make do with these ones. For my first time with fine wool in a long while I'm quite pleased. Its so light to wear you barely feel its on yet its warm. Now what shall I knit???


HazelNutcluster said…
Oh, that's a real beauty. I haven't knit a shawl yet but can't wait until I do.I bet you'll be wearing that all day tomorrow ;)

How nice to be thinking of what to knit next. What do you have a hankering for?
ambermoggie said…
Don't know what to knit, have been browsing but nothing says knit me yet. What do you think of the pretty in pink hat?
acrylik said…
Your shawl is beautiful, I just love the colourway.
HazelNutcluster said…
The pretty in pink hat is a glorious thing!

Wish I could wear hats but I have a head like a coconut :)

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