Next knitting?oh and socks another pair finished.

Here you see the beginnings of what will be my next knitting. This time for Yule.
I plied a strand of glittery turquoises from a cone(origin unknown or content) together with a skein of sock yarn I purchased from a destash that I've lost the ticket for. This is not properly set and the colour covered my fingers as I wound the 2 together. Mr Mogs swift made it so easy for me. This will be cowls,probably moebius.

This is the yellow BFL DK I dyed last week ready for socks.
A picture of them together ,just because.
These were the BFL DK socks I knit this week from hand dyed yarn again. I love the heel pattern
These were for me but I need to make some more Yule gifts for those who appreciate hand made gifts so these will be wending their way to someone else.
Jean have emailed you.
BW Wait til you see Mr Mogs post this weekend, FOTCR pictures just for you:) And the most wonderful gents toilets I've seen.


b said…
Blue Witch said…
NOOOOO!!! ;)
Gorgeous yarn. I've tried plying two commercially spun yarns but didn't get it right. Any hints?

And I am so envious of your ability to spin sock yarn. I'm still stuck in the distinctly thick-and-thin chunky stage. Do you incorporate nylon anywhere, either at spinning or knitting stage, to strengthen?
Anonymous said…
Beautiful yarns!! I especially love the turquoise colorway.

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