The Femmes are on their way and another sock

The femmes are on their way and I thought I would post a few pictures in progress.

I also have a new sock to show you. A mix of unnamed yarns. I'm doing the main body of the sock in the 2 yarns together and the heel and maybe toes in just the variegated but using 2 strands.

I think it is looking quite good.
It has been a very wet,squally day here and it was good to sit listening to music and doing a little more on the femmes. There may be some finished pictures tomorrow but logistically I'd say it would be Tuesday.


Dajon said…
We love your little femme dolls
The red ones are very festive, and
we would love to buy one.
Emma said…
I love the colours of the socks. I knitted my first sock last was a bit like wrestling with a hedgehog but I got there in the end! Can't wait to see the Femmes finished.
Blue Witch said…
Er gosh. You've been busy! I, on the other hand, have done absolutely nothing for a week.
Jean said…
You have a real eye for color, each femme has such a distinctive look. Also the sock is looking good, I like the multiple colors.
FairiesNest said…
Oh my, the femmes are marvelous!!

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