Is it November already?

Is it November already? Where has this month gone to? It seems to have flown by.
No pictures today but a great video for you, this is where Mr Mog and I were last night(only joking, or am I?)
It is freezing here and I fear it will be a night of catching up on TV and yes, more socks. I have a shawl I want to start in the harvest mohair but I also want to knit more socks. I am thinking of doubling some of the sock yarns I've got to make thicker socks. Ideal for this time of year and easier on the hands this cold weather.
The felt is dry, the skeletons are started I fear some new femmes will be gracing the blog next weekend. We have dear friends coming to visit hopefully on Wednesday for a few days so I'm not sure what crafting I'll get done. We will be visiting Cumbria and Cecilia weather permitting, having other friends round for a knit in and who knows what other manner of fun will be had. Any ideas on who may be coming to visit?
Mr Mog has made a mark2 version of the swift and it works beautifully. If anyone knows of a source of 5 inch circles in wood or cheap source of spinning bobbins please let me know, thank you.


Cecilia said…
Oooooo! Coming to see me :))) That'll brighten up what's looking like a grim week ahead!

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