Look what i found:) plus yellow socks

Netto had a great special this morning, for just £19.99 this lightweight sewing machine. Perfect for what I will use it for, my days of sewing leather are gone:)
I also thought you may like to see progress on my yellow socks. I have decided I don't like tencel:( too slidey through the fingers. But it knits ok and that is the main thing. I do love the colour though and please notice I did a little bit of a pattern for a change.


Crobbles said…
Those socks are a wonderful golden colour.

I found that tencel didn't suit me for socks either...Too sleek and not enough sproinginess!
Jean said…
The yellow yarn reminds me of sunshine, I'll bet its quite cheery to work with those colors during your cooler fall weather. I know I must be an ignorant blogger, but is there a story behind the dolls you make? Perhaps you would be so kind to share with us if there is. I live in the US and can't help but get a special feeling when I view them, but do not understand why.
yvonnep said…
Lovely colored socks, Amber. I do like tencel because of the slideyness (slidiness, slideyability...:-)
Diane said…
I didn't care for sock yarn with tencel either. Had some of the stitches slide right off the needles. But I do love the color.
I love your little sewing machine.
I blew my machine up just before my op (but surprisingly it still worked afterwards) but haven't been able to lift it to do any sewing since.
That size looks ideal for sewing bits and pieces which is what I mostly do these days.

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