SP11, my first wonderful parcel:)

My first parcel in this round of SP11 came today and I think you will see that this knitter can choose gifts:))
My SP emailed to say my first parcel was on its way for my birthday and would be a day late. This was more than worth the wait don't you think?
Everything was wrapped up in tissue paper in my favourite colour purple.
When I unwrapped it a veritable feast was before me:) A butterfly card which I know my grandson will want as he is very much into animals, insects and so forth. A beaded bag of pot pourri which is in use already and smells divine.
A fridge magnet which says " a mind is aterrible thing to waste on housework:) So true
A pair of wooden needles in the right size for my latest shawl, encased in a hand knitted needle cover. I love this idea and will be having a go at it.
2 bags with cats on, can you see them? one is to fasten inside the other if you choose, the very large one is ideal for shawl projects don't you think? and do you see the cute moggie facing the camera??
Finally the most beautiful soft mohair in turquoise/purple mix from one of my most wanted companies Te Awa. I had some mohair from there last year from ebay and loved it it knitted so well and felt soft on the shoulders.
Thank you SP, you chose the perfect gifts for me:) I hope your sender is as good to you


Anonymous said…
So glad it got there but I'm sorry it was late! The needle case was loosely based on the wand case from Charmed Knits. The amber moggie bag was just irresistable and a knitter can never have too many bags and notions bags.

Jenn said…
Wow! What a great package!!!
yvonnep said…
That's great spoiling!
Marianne said…
What a beautiful and thoughtful parcel of goodies!
maylin said…
gorgeous and so quick of the mark
Fab parcel. Happy Birthday! Sending you and Mr Mog hugs and kisses xxx
Artis-Anne said…
Oh what a lovely parcel of goodies and that yarn looks divine . have fun :)
Rosie said…
ooh, what fab gifts...
Artis-Anne said…
Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my wrap.
The pattern is one of Anne Hansons , her blog is Knitspot and you can find the link one my sidebar. Hope you are having a good weekend and I will catch up with you when we return :)
Craftybernie said…
Lovely SP presents!!!

Just a quickie to let you know that I've added you to the Knit1blogtoo Members. Thanks for joining.

You should (hopefully) receive an invite to join the team blog before too long.

Thanks and best wishes...Bernie

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