meet Lydia, tattoed lady

A finished shawl and my new house guest together. Meet Lydia the tattoed lady:) My friend is moving and knew I wanted a figure for showing my shawls off so brought Lydia today for me. I've called her Lydia because a long while ago I made a doll for a zine and she was called this.
My friends I give you:-

Lydia the leftover lady

I’m Lydia the leftover lady, and I dance ‘til the light of dawn.
Although I’m tres chic, if you just take a peek
you’ll see all is not what it seems.

My hair is leftover yarn ,from a sweater knitted 10 years ago.
The feathers within it until recently a shaggy duster adorned.
My dress? yes it is quite modish, you wouldn’t believe where it began.
It started life as curtains until they eventually wore thin.
My necklace is gorgeous and dangly, the colours all cheerful and bright.
Until recently this could be found around the bottom of the bedroom light.
I hope you take heart from my story, all leftovers can be used in your art
Just call to the muse, as you search through your stash.
There’s a place for everything second time around

As for The shawl I love it, the lilacs and the textures are perfect for the friend I made it for. Hope she likes it.
I made a decision today to enjoy my knitting in mohair and not to stress if I don't do fine work. What I do is me, the moggie and as such part of who and what I am. If I want to knit in mohair all the time, I will so there:))


Marianne said…
Lydia, the Lovely blue lady!
Of course you will knit in mohair anytime you desire!
Jean said…
Wow, Lydia is stunning! She looks fab in that shawl, too. Are you sure she'll be willing to part with the it? Maybe you'll just have to promise her that more shawls are on the way. :)
janilizi said…
she is so fab

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