written instructions v charts and needle help

I'm looking to make a shawl or wrap a month (lunar month as I am pagan) 13 needed for the year. I've been checking out patterns online and struggle. Why? you ask. I don't like charts. In fact I hate charts. I have always preferred written instructions, partly my eyes aren't good and charts confuse me being so small. Mainly though I can understand written stuff far easier. I am really struggling to find different shawl/ wrap patterns that aren't charted. Something lacy and pretty that is written, not a lot to ask is it? If anyone knows any please let me know.
Secondly I am looking to clear out all my old needles, I have plastic and metal and most are in the old measurements. I thought if I got rid of them and purchased just the main sizes I use it would be nice to have them the same. Also I need longer needles. What are your favourite suppliers?


Jennifer said…
Hi Amber, I love your idea of making one shawl a month! I was considering doing something similar. I've never made a shawl, so probably not the best time to experiment. lol Still not sure what I want to crochet though. Love your blog though, have just discovered it. :)
Brooke said…
Hello! Hmmm...let's see. I made a really nice wrap, and I found the pattern on knitty. It was all written instruction and fairly quick and easy. It's called Tie One On. Here's the link:


There's also Bob & Weave:


There's also Cozy, a simple lace wrap:


Can you tell I'm a fan of Knitty? *grin*

Needles, I usually stick to good ol' Clover.

Hope this helps!
Brooke said…
You found me!! *grin & giggle* I'm so glad you stopped by to say hello!
Anonymous said…
Hi, Amber! It's a great idea with the shawls, I thought about knitting a shawl for each sabbat, starting with Imbolc. I don't like charts either, I'm just better with written instructions.
I could recommend a pattern from my blog: Snow White shawl
I'll keep you in my mind when looking through shawl patterns. ^^
anna said…
Hi Amber - as far as I remember, the Kiri shawl is free and has written instructions as well as the charts, so you can use whichever you prefer. the Link is here (opens a .pdf file)


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