December 10, 2006

knitpicks is Fern

for those asking, the knitpicks yarn wool of the andes colour is Fern and thanks for the comments:)
Off to decide what to knit for ME now, maybe try fetching? or should it be a midwinter wrap?


angie cox said...

Not that I am biased but a Midwinter wrap !If you ever check out Jane Thornley linked on my site she has a lovely shawl ( I think) that is based around Ivy and frost etc.

Marianne said...

Thanks for the colour Fern, beautiful green it is......mmmmm, a midwinter wrap......sounds good to me.

artyfartykat said...

All your hats look fab!
I think the idea of a midwinter shawl sounds like something really snug and cosy to wrap in!

craftydramaqueen said...

Try Fetching. They're dead easy and quick and absolutely fab. I've made 6 pairs. I find a purl cast off works better than the picot cast off in the pattern.