We arrived home safely Boxing Day evening, tired but happy. Then yesterday we had friends from France over so this is the first day I've had to read messages.
We went down to Lancashire Christmas Eve, First we went to see my sister(she was out) then to my mums grave. I was so pleased to see that one of my sisters had tidied it and there were flowers and a wreath there. Last time we went it was very overgrown. I don't make a big thing of visiting the grave but around the anniversary of mum's death and Yule I do go. I also visited the hospital to see my uncle who was poorly,visited my daughter and grandsons then finally arrived at our friends house were we stayed. Think we went to bed around 2am. Christmas morning after breakfast we went to see my son, then to my daughters to see all the grandsons gifts and to receive yet more. My son had purchased gifts for both Mr Mog and I and wrapped them. That is such a big thing for me and I was so pleased. Its not that long ago he was too involved with drugs to know what day it was. He is the son I used to have which is good. He gave me a box of chocs and a bottle of rose wine because he knew the moggie liked both:)
My daughter and grandsons gave us a throw in rich cranberry fur fabric, 2 matching cushions, a set of candle holders and candles in same colours and a large box of pot pourri to match. My bedroom is painted white and the red looks stunning in there and of course moggies love cuddling into fur:)
From there we went to the hospital to see my uncle and he was much better than the previous day thank goodness. We had a goodly while sitting with him before going back to our friends for Christmas lunch around 3.30pm. Some wonderful gifts, a hand made neclace of wire, a beautiful beaded trinket pot, a fabulous hamper from our friends full of candles, wine, nuts, oatcakes, incense and more.
An earlyish night as I was so tired. Boxing day a visit to see grandsons before heading homewards. We called at mr mog's sisters to see his nephews and their wives. Great to see them as we hadn't seen any since earlier this year at the wedding. We got home exhausted.
Yesterday we had visitors from France mr mogs best friend and his wife. Good to see them also. After they left we opened our gifts. I had got various model railway items for mr mog and a book that sadly hasn't turned up yet.
He got me 2 rings, one a silver and amethyst the other lapis lazuli I think, also chocolate(GG) and 2 wonderful note pads in the shape of ladies dresses complete with coat hangers.
Oh and the most deligthful fairy doll which I'd coveted for weeks:)
Today has been a catch up on sleep, relaxation day. I'm now off to try and finish mr mog's hat and the cream shawl before deciding on a new project


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