almost Yule or Midwinter

Tis getting ever closer to Midwinter, also called the Winter Solstice and Yule. I've finished my gift making and purchasing now we just have the final wrapping to do. I don't have any pictures at the moment as the only knitting I'm doing needs a progress photo when its daylight. I'm making a shawl for me in Argyll mohair in delightful shades of lilacs, this pic gives you a slight idea . It is really warm and cosy and I can't wait to finish it and wear it. I've been down in england this past week grandson sitting, always fun. A wee bit traumatic this time as youngest banged his head. Fortunately he soon recovered. Also my dearest uncle went into hospital Thursday for major cancer surgery. He had the operations yesterday and is critical. We won't know for a little while how succesful it was. He had operations last year for it and was given the all clear in June. Sadly it then recurred:( Think positive thoughts for an early recovery won't you? I saw him Tuesday prior to his going in and will see him Christmas Day when I return to England for a few days. We are staying with a friend of ours Christmas Eve to Boxing day then returning home. Well weather permitting of course. Our main celebration is Yule on Thursday when we have a feast with the rest of the people who live around us plus visitors. Our contribution to the food is braised brisket and we are also doing the roast tatties and roast parsnips. Well think thats about all for the moment
cheerie bye


Marianne said…
Amber, those colours are beautiful, I can just imagine one of your shawls with these. I'm sending positive and healing thoughts your dear uncle's way. Hope all will be well.
artyfartykat said…
Hope everything turns out well for your uncle.
Your mid-winter celebration sounds wonderful,especially the roast tatties!!
angie cox said…
Thinking positve thoughts for your uncle.I hope you have a lovely Christmas.I love that colour, I love mohair ,I love shawls ..we are kinda shawl sisters ! x
Sara in WI said…
Amber, the colors are just magical! I hope that you enjoy your celebrations and have a peaceful, wonderful, fiber-filled New Year!
Brooke said…
Yule blessings to you and yours!

(formerly known as Gwen :)

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