WE GOT THE HOUSE:))))))))))))))0

Yes I'm shouting:) We got the house, just heard from the agent that we can have it. Gave notice to our landlord which was very upsetting as they are more like family. I cried, the landlord got choked and mr mog was very quiet. When we left we asked each other were we certain it was right. And you know it is, it felt wonderful walking in the house and thinking of what it would look like decorated and with our stuff in. I told my daughter and son. My son was great and happy for us. The daughter who has been rather awkward and tried emotional blackmail ended up being ok. I had to do the motherly put the foot down and say WE WILL be visiting very often and you MUST come to us. Fingers crossed it will be ok. I'm seeing our 2 grandsons tomorrow so we will show them pics of the place and reassure them that we will still be there for them just as much. So the moggie has to start getting boxes and getting packed. I think we will be moving in 3 weeks it may get to 4 weeks max. Won't be long when I look round the rooms and think of moving this stuff. Got quotes for removals and its way too expensive for us. I'm currently looking for cheapest rate for 7.5 ton van to rent and hoping that it will all go in there. I need to find a 3/4 bed, a large cupboard or wardrobe(for the stash that is currently in walk in wardrobe) 2 chests of drawers think thats it.
Oh and a lottery win to enable us to pay for move etc would be very nice


Wye Sue said…
Well done !!!
Hope it all goes ok. Have a look on local free recycle groups for packing or furniture, it's amazing what people are offering or wanting and you might just be lucky.
Take care with moving yourselves, easy does it and don't try and do it all in one go ;-)
dreamcatcher said…
Fantastic news, very glad for you both :-) Glad the family are being accepting too. Good luck moving everything!
Anonymous said…
Gratulations on the new house, remember to send me your new adress!!
Good news! Hope all goes well with your move.
flajol said…
Happy for your glad news, but will be very, very sorry to see you go.

Library sock-knitter. :o)
Congratulations..I hope you have lots of good house-fairies there.We are pretty sure we have a few .I don't like where our house is but I like it..would you have me locked up if I said ours spoke through Holly's Sylvanian bears to re-assure her once ? So bless them when you move in .

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