in which the mog attempts to be patient and a blatant request:)

Yet more funeral notices:( what is it about this time of year? I took ill yesterday so not at home yet. Too much worry partly stressing me out, very bad legs and more than all of this the wait for THE house visit. Supposedly this next couple of days but as each day seems to be over a week long that makes for a very impatient moggie. I can't access my emails while away for some reason it won't accept my password, yet I can blog. so figure that out. I don't want to do much and neither does Mr mog its a limbo situation around us. I comfort my self with the hope, although it may be a vain one, that making us wait means the house will be perfect for us. I'm having to correct every other word as my fingers aren't typing well at all so if I missed any typos apologies. On the needles ,still, a throw in purples various thicknesses of yarns feather and fan pattern. Good fun to do and as my cousin gave me the loan of her daisy circular much easier although I suspect the needle isn't same size as I started on which were wooden with no size marked. Doesn't seem to have spoilt it. Still looking for earthy/ mossy shades of different thicknesses if anyone has any to swap or sell cheaply:)) for the organic throw or cloak thats next for the needles. I could also swap for one of my elemental one of a kind figures if you'd prefer


Wye Sue said…
Sorry you are not feeling well, I'm another funeral magnet :-(
If you are in no hurry for greens I have a throw in waiting from bargain £4 hanks from you know where ;-)and I have far too much, wasn't helped by them putting extra hanks in the bin as soon as I turned my back and I just *had* to take them home !
Think it might be on the needles soon, it's shouting at me every time I walk past the bag....
ambermoggie said…
You had to taunt me with the place that must not be named didn't you??? Thanks Sue that would be fabulous and let me know what you would like in return
Hey, you're an SP8 mom - well done!
I'm an SP virgin. I'm really looking forward to it. Bit nervous though - what if I get it wrong? Ulp!

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