Spinning soon now I got a wheel:)

Went for tea with my friend around the corner last night and her mum was there. She spins and knew I was looking for a wheel to have a go. Guess what?? She offered me an Ashford wheel with carders , spare bobbins and more for just £50. She is keeping it for me til we move as I don't have any money yet with the cost of removals etc. I am so thrilled, it is the most wonderful looking wheel and it will soon be mine, all mine. Can't wait:) Then I just need to learn how you spin and will I be able to do it with these hands being so stiff and unweildy now? I'll certainly be trying. No knitting today we've been busy packing, got what seem like millions of banana boxes and need more. Can't believe the amount of stuff I've accumulated. Even culling and offering on freecycle I've still loads. Desperately need a large(very large) wardrobe or armoire once we move to keep it all in as this house has built in wardrobes. DH has packed as I supervised. Its so frustrating when you want to do stuff but your body won't let you. Even the mere fact of saying what to keep and what to let go brought on chest pains and breathlessness. Why can't my body be more like my mind feels?
Anyways, yarn is next to pack that will be tomorrow as we are taking a well earned break.


Silvia said…
You Lucky thing getting a wheel!! I am still begging. Looks like I am getting a Scoll Saw instead!!!!
HI _ I tried to leave a comment on UKSpinners, but couldn't see it today - maybe just didn't look hard enough.
UI'm going to Woolfest and it'd be nice to put a name to a face - I'll definitely be there on Friday, possibly Saturday too...
Also, which bit of Scotland are you moving to?
I know what you mean ..one trip to town yesterday and my hip is agony today ,I can't bend over and so am a complete pain to poor Jeff .Luckily my arms are working ! Maybe Daisy's Monkey could supply a few Banana boxes ? Good luck on the move ...just think about your spinning wheel . angie.
ambermoggie said…
I'm moving near to dumfries, just got back from a trip to the house today and I'm shattered. roll on thursday when I move. I'll be at woolfest fri and maybe saturday

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