Thanks yous and such

I've been nominated for the You make my day award by Ruth Roobeedoo and a sheep in wools clothing
Thank you both:) I really appreciate it. I've been busy sock knitting of course:)
Mr Mog has been making me some sock blockers, mini ones to begin with. He is going to have a go at some adult size next.Can't tell you what the minis are for yet, its a surprise(VBG)
It was sunny for some of today so we managed to get on the prom for a walk. Wow the amount of sand on the path and car park was unbelievable. The council had put many tons on part of the beach before Christmas and I think most of it was off the beach today. We are talking several feet high in some parts, not condusive to walking with crutches they sink in way too much as do your feet. Chairs and prams weren't doing well either.
We haven't been too far for a while although we are probably going up to Cumbria in the morning to see Mr Mog's mum. It may be the last chance we have til after his treatment is finished. Nto long til it starts now. A hormone injection this Wednesday, scan next Tuesday then hopefully radiotherapy 26th Feb onwards.
He has been very busy on the dolls house/garage for our youngest grandson. We now have a lift on the outside of the building to take cars to the 1st floor and roof, a workshop with stuff on the workbenches and pictures of cars, wheels etc on the walls. It is looking good. Once its finished I'll post some pictures of it.
I've been listening to some great music this weekend, and it put me in mind of someone I used to listen to Lisa Thiel. I have 2 cassettes of hers but sadly no way of playing them through the computer, haven't managed to find her on cd as she is based in US. Amazon has her with second hand sellers etc but I'm always dubious. We purchased the cassettes in Glastonbury some years ago so I think when we go down next I'll try and get cds, she is very easy to listen to. Does a lot of goddess music.
I've had dead can dance, Bronwen David and Afro celt going this weekend. Mr Mog had Boney M on as his contribution:))
Made 2 gorgeous(well I think so) elementals for a friend, photos tomorrow when their boots dry.


Moonroot said…
Hi, came over for a visit when I saw your comment on my blog. I love your purple elemental figure, and also your poem for Brigid! As to CDs of Lisa Thiel, I don't know where you can get them in the UK, but you can get them from the US via the excellent 'Sepentine Music', which specialises in Pagan music. There are 3 listed and postage can be as little as $5/£2.50 for surface mail. Serpentine Music is at!ORDERID! (sorry it's wrapped around so you'll have to cut'n'paste I think). Good Luck!
Anonymous said…
Amber Moggie - one of the sellers on Amazon is caiman-usa which I've used on several occasions. It takes a week or so for whatever it is to arrive generally, but they're pretty reliable.

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