February socks started 2nd pair

here is the start of what will be my second pair of hospice socks for the February moon.
Yarn is opal, colour Maylin christned as tiger feet:))
Gifted by Maylin.
I'm really enjoying knitting up all these new to me yarns, great fun seeing patterns emerge:))


Marianne said…
Isn't that a gorgeous peachy orange colour!
Sarah said…
Lovely tigerish socks :o)
Kate said…
Love the socks. They should be done in no time at all.
Very nice socks! Your parcels were great weren't they!
maylin said…
Strangely they don't look anything like the Tiger socks i knit.

You are getting lovely parcels aren't you. you must photograph your sock stash in total soon it will be surprising considering the sock knitting is so recent!
The swift is gorgeous. You've received some fabulous yarns. There are some gorgeous varigated yarns I haven't seen before. Can't wait to see them knitted up. Hope you enjoyed Pizza Hut. Hope you & Mr Mog are well today. Hugs xx

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