Home ready for the marathon treatment runs.

We are back:) Came home yesterday evening via Derby to meet up with Mr Mogs nephews and their families. Had a wonderful time but it all went way too quick. We did however come home with the determination to plan our next visit. I've decided that if we have a firm date to aim for it will maybe help Mr Mog through the next 8 weeks radiotherapy. So the savings box had its first ten pounds in it this morning. We are going to try to save a few pounds each week if at all possible to enable the Beltane trip.
To answer various comments while I bethink myself
Most of the pictures were taken in Chalice Well including the mistletoe. However from around Stoke onwards we saw hundreds of trees with mistletoe growing in it. It helped that the leaves weren't yet on the trees of course. I was so pleased to see so much because this Yule for the first time I didn't see any in our local stores. The piece I brought back for us has the flowers on and I've put it into water to see if it develops roots. I suspect that Lancashire is way too northerly to enable us to grow it but you never know. I know of a couple of apple trees where I could place it.
The labrynth, yes Blue Witch we did walk it, both days. First day we shared the journeying with a young girl who raced round speedily laughing all the way:)
I love labrynths and in previous trips we have walked the small one that is at the top of the main street in someones garden. The church one I found a lot of feeling in despite it being relatively new. Its just across from the Holy Thorn Tree and was covered with daffodils while we were there. When we first arrived in the town on Friday the car parks were full and the churchyard was heaving. Lots of rainbow banners and too many smiles amongst the dark suits for it to be a funeral I thought. I was quite curious(GG) so I asked someone what the occasion was. It was a memorial service for Arabella Churchill who died in December. She was involved with the Glastonbury festival from its inception I think.
The place we stayed was Wearyall hill house
We recommend it, such a warm welcome and marvellous food. Also the fact that it is situated on Wearyall Hill which is a start of the ancient way that leads to the Tor
Well tomorrow is the big day, the start of the radiotherapy treatment for Mr Mog. He is quite optimistic going into it but naturally apprehensive also. I'll be with him every step except in the treatment room of course which they won't let me in. Expect lots of sock knitting next 2 months.
Speaking of which photos tomorrow of Februarys finished socks and more sock yarn treasures plus elemental making treasures:))
I'm a lucky mog


Rosie said…
You're also a very brave mog, and you and Mr Mog will both be to the fore in my thoughts over the next few weeks.

Looking forward to seeing those treasures!
All warm strong thoughts for tomorrow and the following days, dear Amber. We're with you in spirit and strength. (And we expect to see some pretty good sock pics too, by the way!)
Marianne said…
All the photos are beautiful, someday.

Keeping you and Mr.Mogs tucked in close and sending The Very Best.
Brahdelt said…
Looks like we both had great trips recently, your photos show amazing views! I'm sending you my warmest thoughts!
you are a *lovely* mog

love and hugs to you both
yvette said…
Hope everything is going okay, sending you both best wishes, take care.

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