Mr Mog on internet:) can you send him good wishes for tomorrow?

Yeah Mr Mog is going on t'internet at last:) My technophobe luddite darling is now using the computer for photos and such and has decided to hazard a wee walk in the web zone:) I've set him up an email account and
his email address is mrmog.moggie at virgin dot net using the correct symbols. (well it would have to be mr mog wouldn't it?)
If anyone would like to send him good wishes for tomorrow(don't tell him I said to)
I know he would appreciate it. He is feeling really scared and down at the minute.
thank you my friends


Marianne said…
Aknita said…
I'd like to send BOTH of you my very best wishes for tomorrow.
Blue Witch said…
Do hope it went well, and that you are both feeling OK.

Walking labyrinths is good, very good. Do you ever do finger tracing ones on paper? They are strangely calming at stressful times.

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