Sock it to me :) plus yarn/tweed set 2 trade and ISE true colour

A little of everything today:) Firstly the title "sock it to me", I'm around 4 inches on the start of my first sock:) Forgot to ask Mr Mog to photograph it, will show you tomorrow. This time around I'm enjoying the 4 needles. The yarn is one of those don't knows:) Its thin enough to work with the 3.5mm needles but no ball band. However I'm treating this as my learning sock so if there isn't enough for 2 it won't matter. Didn't want to use the sock yarn from my SP til I knew what I was doing:)
I've uploaded a picture of my ISE shawl off the blocking mats so you can get a better idea of the colour. Isn't it pretty? I hope my pal likes it.
I've also uploaded a picture of akit I wish to trade. It contains 4 skeins of 3ply wool and a length of tweed fabric plus buttons. There is enough tweed to make a skirt and the yarn tones with it. Looking to trade for sock yarn


Bryony Ramsden said…
The shawl is beautiful. And it is about time with the socks ;D
Fingers cross for Mr Mog.

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