Part 1 , the sock is finished:)

I've finished my very first sock:)) I can't tell you how thrilled I am to finally make one. I know it is way too big to wear and it is a one off as I have no more of the yarn but even so a sock:))
I'm pleased I made my first sock in thicker yarn, thanks for that hint BTW, and I'm so pleased that my SP thoughtfully sent me the Lucy Neatby DVD. It WAS far easier to see how to do the sock than read about it. I am much more able to understand if I see something demonstrated. So SP, thank you so very much for the gift. I've cast on for a pair of socks in the Fyberspates sock yarn you sent me. Who they will be for we will see when they are made up, Mr Mog quite fancies a pair in that colour:) Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement, you know who you are:) You made me determined not to give up this time
My next post will be about our day at Center parcs.


Brahdelt said…
I still remember my first sock - and it also stayed single, because I made it out of totally non-sock yarn! But I was proud anyway, and so you should be, great job! *^v^*
Marianne said…
Amber, that is a beautiful sock and I understand about it not getting a mate :^)
I really am so very proud of you!
N. Maria said…
It IS a beautifully knitted sock indeed!
Lovely colors, too.
Can't wait to see what sock you knit next.
Morenna said…
Congrats!! You did way better than I did with my first sock. My first socks were a pair, but one was green and black while the other was red and black because I didn't have enough of any one color for a single sock. :-)

You should be very proud. Keep us posted on the next pair!!
N. Maria said…
It IS a beautifully knitted sock indeed!
I look forward to your next project!
Tan said…
It's so gorgeous! You were smart to pick a yarn that would only make one, and that way it doesn't matter that it came out a little big. Now it is a Christmas stocking, or a gift bag, or a hat for a teddy bear or . . .
Carol said…
Congratulations on your first sock.
My first socks were knit with thick yarn and turned out a bit big. I use them as house socks.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your first Art Sock - I think it needs framing and keeping for posterity!

Now - what else can I lead you into trying?


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