SP parcel arrives, knitters treat arrives:))

Wow what a fabulous day today. My second SP10 parcel arrived and my knitters treat parcel. Overwhelmed with wonderful stuff:)

knitters treat, well you can see all the wonderful stuff my pal sent me. It took a while to get here, think it took the scenic route for some reason. I know my pal was worried as much as me because the card came very speedily. However here it is in all its glory and so many goodies to play with. Thank you so much:))
From chocolate(eaten already) to yarn via hand cream, books and a bag, soap , a box for stitch markers, a wash cloth,needles. Truly a magnificent parcel. Now I just need to know that mine arrived with my pal.
Secondly my second parcel from Yvonne in the SP10.
A mix of things for all the senses. Incense and charcoal to burn it on, I love incense and while I make my own I especially like to sample other types so this is a great gift:)
Chocolate, yumm yum:)
A purple candle, ideal for my goddess altar:)
pink mohair? yarn that my SP couldn't use and hoped I'd like, Would I ever refuse mohair:))
some purpley tweed yarn and a new shawl pattern for using with it:)) Wow this looks advanced, I can see the mog enjoying the challenge.
Thank you Yvonne I am so lucky to have you as my SP

I've sent my knitters treat and ISE scarf off weeks ago. I'm hoping they hurry up and arrive with folks.
I do have a finished object to show you, guess what it is? Yes a shawl how did you guess? My june shawl a mix of unknown yellow mohair and fleece artist eyelash. I love the colour mix
I'm almost finished with the colinette silky chic and woolmeise sock yarn purple one also. That should be finished this weekend and is for me.


Anonymous said…
Well, it's good to see that all arrives safe and sound. Enjoy it... I'm already working on your third parcel.
Angeluna said…
Hi Amber. Thanks for your suggestion of using Wollmeise for scarves. Which pattern did you use?
angie Cox said…
I think I see some Jaegar alpaca/wool mix ..it knits up beautifully . I love the yellow shawl too .I have to agree about purple oh and for me deep sea-green.

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