Promenading in the sun and Woolfest

Finished the unpacking and the hanging up of pictures, goddesses and so forth so we had a day off and spent a couple of hours on the promenade. I love the wide open space, plenty of room for cycles, walkers, prams and wheelchairs fortunately:) The weather was glorious and warm so really made me feel better. I do love the heat, it helps these bones of mine. We are around 5 minutes drive from the promenade which isn't too bad. There was plenty of disabled parking to be had.The view across the bay was so clear, we could see all the mountains of the Lake district. In knitting news, I've finished the shawl for June lunar month and I'm now back working on the purpley one that was Colinette silky chic mixed with Wollmeise yarn. Colinette had run out of the colour I wanted but did dye more and send within the week. I've just got round to using it as I wanted to finish the lunar one first. This purply one will be for me, it feels fabulous and is all the colours I love:)
Pictures this week, think I've found the camera.
Anyone going to Woolfest?


natalie said…
Come and say Hi, won't you?
ambermoggie said…
Natalie, send your email address please

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