My final SP parcel came and WOW, also Woolfest

I received my final sp parcel today from my SP Yvonne:) I will show you the goodies when I return from Woolfest but let me assure you it was a stunner. If I mention Silk yarn???
Thanks for being such a fabulous SP Yvonne and I hope we can continue our friendship it has been great to know you:)
Woolfest, I of course am going(GG) I've almost finished my very special moggie shawl to wear. Who is going and which day?


yvonnep said…
I'm glad you liked it. It was my pleasure to find you something very special. And you know what? My SP9 was in the conspiracy :-)
I was supposed to be at Cockermouth now! Not feeling well. Will be there on Saturday. Hope to see you there.

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