Finished shawl , burnet moth?and yarn p@rn

a mixed bag for you today:)
Firstly the shawl is finished and here is a pic of it. I am afraid it wasn't easy to photograph as it is so heavy and wouldn't stay on the tree:) This was the Woolmeise/Colinette silky chic mix. I love the 2 yarns together and wow is it silky, soft and feels fabulous on:)
Angeluna This is the first shawl with Woolmeise yarn and won't be the last. I used my chevron shawl pattern from just one more row I am planning to make my next but one shawl purely using the woolmeise. Looking for something lacey and simple for it.
Mr Mog while photographing the yarn and shawl in the garden came across this fabulous moth. Think its a burnet moth? Gorgeous colours on it.
Finally yarn p@rn. The 3 skeins plus gift from Dee at posh yarn Isn't it yummy? Its the new kid lace so soft and ideal for hospice shawls.


Helen said…
Love the posh yarn. It looks so soft.

I've seen a couple of those moths around lately. The weather must suit them.
angie Cox said…
The shawl is gorgeous , silky-chic is so soft . I hope that big moth is not the kind that eats yarn !!!
Liz said…
Hi - that's a cinnabar moth... not as common as they used to be because the caterpillars feed on ragwort... Beautiful, isn't it...

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