Sadness but relief

This morning my dear uncle passed away. As you know it has been expected for a while now but still when it happens it remains a shock. It was his birthday week last Friday, just 69. Today is the 35th anniversary of my nans death(his mum). I am so relieved all his pain is over. It has been a heartbreaking week. Now there is still the funeral to get through for us all. He was a great person to know and treated me as one of his children, more than my own dad did sadly. I have such lovely memories of him, his thoughtfulness when I was in and out of hospital as a child, the times he and my other uncle were my only visitors. Simple stuff but memories to store.
I've another post with finished stuff, yarn etc but this post was his
Go in peace I miss you


artyfartykat said…
So sorry to hear your sad news. I know it is so difficult to lose someone we love, but when we know they are suffering, we can get comfort from knowing their pain has now gone and they are at peace.
Wye Sue said…
So sorry to hear your sad news.

Remember the happy times and not the last times,
kindest regards Sue
I'm so sorry for you. Ditto the above. Hugs xx
angie Cox said…
Very sorry Amber but such a good soul will be in peace now and you will be with him again in some way I am sure.
Bobbi said…
My thoughts are with you and your family.
Marianne said…
Amber, I am so sorry, peace to you, and peace, wonder, and merriment to your uncle on his continued journey.

DebbieKnitter said…
I hope you don't mind a stranger leaving a post but I was catching up on my blog reading (your is one of my fav's) and I came to this post. I wanted to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I am never very good at condolences, I always feel like what I say is silly or that my sincerity is not showing but I just want you to know I truly am sorry for your family's loss. I hope time will ease your pain.

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