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I can't get the hang of which way the pictures show but you'll get the idea I hope:) In no particular order. Beginning of a shawl in opal sock yarn and yellow mohair. It is now finished:) This is my March moon shawl for the hospice, something to reflect Ostara and Spring Equinox. The start of spring in the colours.White boucle mohair for dying,Wonderful, wonderful mountain colors yarn mohair and moggie colours for sure:))After advice from various sources I decided not to buy blocking wires. I went to the market and purchased some metal rods,(welding?) and 2 metres of stainless steel wire plus a play mat from ELC. Et voila blocking solutions:) the dark purply yarn with stitch markers are from Andrea in exchange for the hipknits.
Thanks Andrea haven't had time to email everyone yet with all thats going on.
Mountain color yarn in blues for a hat.Phew think that is it for now. Off to decide what to knit next


The ELC mats are a fab idea for blocking! Love your stash too!
Artis-Anne said…
I love all your shawls and your choices of colours , very inspiring
Great tip re blocking wires , thanks :)
triconette said…
Dear Amber,

What beautiful shawls and yarn!Time to reveal my plans. I plan on sending you 3 packages, each one around the 15th of the month. A welcome parcel in April, one in May, and a final one in June.
Now you know what to look forward to. The rest I will keep to myself. :-)
Your Secret pal
Marianne said…
It's all GOOD!! pretty yarns, beautiful shawls.
I need to get some of those interlocking blocks...
Marianne said…
Happy Mother's Day! I hope you're having a wonderful day.
I LOVE that yellow yarn - mohair? At this time of year I get such an urge for yellow, despite the fact that it doesn't do a single thing for me! Guess it's the goddess twitching the strings somewhere in our unconscious? Go with the feeling, moggie dearest
Helen said…
I love the idea of a March Moon shawl, the colour is so Spring-like too.
brooke said…
Hi Amber- first of all, I need to tell you that I'm sorry for your loss. I've been lurking in the shadows waiting to post. I'm sure he's missed by all.

On a brighter note, check out the Mists KAL, there's a contest that I don't want you to miss!

Oh, and it's so great how your shawl project is coming along. Kudos to you!

Anonymous said…
Hi Amber, I saw this link today and thought of you, maybe it might be useful, its to a page of links to free online shawl and scarf patterns.

Sorry to read about your uncle, even expected its always a shock. Hopefully with the new season starting things will feel better, even if the weather isn't cooperating!

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