Finished objects, yarn pron

I finished the ocean waves stole and the cotton chevron shawl, both patterns from Jill at I've also started one in the fearless fibers wild raspberry I won from knitspot, mixed with rowan kid silk haze in silver grey. Think this looks great together. The finished ones are firstly the mohair stole is fyberspates mohair from Jen. The chevron shawl is cotton hand dyed, not sure what purchased from someone in US?? Must try and get Mr Mog to take a bigger picture:)
The new book looks very good Nancie Wiseman shawls scarves etc. Some good ones I may try?
The yarn, the chunky was from a local charity shop for 20p, unbelieveable as it is so soft and interesting almost like dreads.
Knitpicks sock yarn was from someones destash but not me:( Anyone want to trade??
Phew think that is all:))


Marianne said…
Since I seem to have just missed you over to Angie's I thought I'd pop in to say hi, and that scarf in the bottom photo looks heavenly!
Mr. Mog did quite well indeed on his photographs of the lunar eclipse, well done! It's been a few years since we've had one,(to actually see) there's to be another in August? is that what I read or heard....
I am so glad you got to see it, that the skies were clear, I do love the photos of the full moon with the glowing bit of cloud, very pretty.
Have just caught up with your blog. Seems like you've had a few illnesses recently, hope u are feeling better. I used to be fed turnip cooked in brown sugar for a cough - yeauck!! You have certainly motored with the shawls!. The chevron pattern looks fab. I saw the lunar eclipse last night and then I saw what I was supposed to see on the tv news!!! I like the knit picks yarn, it looks autumny. What would you want to trade it for?
Ms. Knitingale said…
Love the FO's...everything is so lovely I hardly know what I like best. The mohair stole,'s stealing my heart. The Knitpicks yarn looks pretty, but I completely understand how come colorways just don't make you sing. Hope you find something wonderful.
artyfartykat said…
All your fo's look great! How do you manage such bargains!
The lunar eclipse was wonderful to watch, the blood moon was so beautiful.Nice pics!
I've uploaded some bits of jewellery to my flickr slide show and other things are on my etsy shop.
Me again! Thanx for the yarn. Yours will be posted tomorrow.

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