British summer time starts today.

Officially spring is here and british summer time started today. Spring forward, fall back as my nan used to say.
I'm home(obviously). The funeral went very well, the church was packed and the crematorium. Afterwards at the buffet a chance to catch up with family I haven't seen in over 35 years in some cases. There was such a feeling of celebration alongside the sadness. Everyone had good things to say about my uncle. He was well loved. There were even workmates from 40 plus years ago that had seen it in the paper and come to pay their respects. I'm not going to go into how I feel, suffice it to say I miss him.
It was strange meeting up with folks though. I had several comments on the lines of you were a little blonde haired girl(I'm now very red) Even though those relatives had seen me since that is there picture of me and its lovely:)
I have no photos of my family, long long story, but one of my mums cousins has boxes apparently of me as a baby and little girl, of my mum, my nan and my great nan, uncles aunts etc. He is looking some out for me and copying them so the mog will have a family in photos.
The same evening we had a party to celebrate my youngest grandsons 9th birthday and that was a delight. Mr Mog had made him a board to run cars on by special request. I'm posting some pics here so you can see what I mean. His face was a picture when he got it. His other request was for nanny(me) to make him up a stocking with lots of little things which I did and some of those little things included cars:)
Also uploading a picture of the lovely rose bowl my daughter sent me for mother's day. Finally the yellow shawl is finished:).
Currently on the needles and awaiting photos 4 calorimetry.


angie Cox said…
"Happy Birthday to you" little one .I love that car board . As for thr roses , what a fabulous colour. I am glad the funeral will leave happy memories of a difficult day.

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