Yarn p%rn WIP and simple pleasures

I thought I'd give you some pictures in this post,. Not sure which way they will show up so here goes. Firstly the yarn I won in the knitspot contest sent to me by Deb of FearlessFibers. Here in 3 days not bad US to Scotland is it and don't you just love the colourway??
Secondly some Poshyarns Sophia I scored in one of their sales are we sensing a colour theme here perhaps? Both yarns are so soft and would definately be worth stash yarn visiting in my book:))
Then I give you work in progress on my fyberspates shawl plus the Mountain colors mohair gifted me by Brooke my SP which I think goes beautifully with the kid silk haze don't you?
Loving how this knits up together and I can't wait to wear it when finished.
Finally as part of the year of simple things I give you a picture of a corner of my craft room shelf. A sacking/hessian doll sitting with 2 dolls from an altered doll round robin I did a few years ago. We all sent round a doll and the other artists in the round robin added to her. At the end you received back your totally transformed doll.
Off to have a long soak in lush


Brahdelt said…
You're such a quick knitter, the violet shawl is growing really fast! ^^ I love this fuchsia yarn!
angie Cox said…
I love all your shawls and am still making them ..will post pics later .
maylin said…
I got some Posh yarns Cecelia in the same colourway, Passionate I think. It is fabulous isn't it? I think I might just keep it for stroking rather than knit it up. Any stash visitors are also welcome to come and stroke too.

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