Shawls in the sunlight

I bring you pictures of finished shawls today and they are photographed in the sunlight outside no less:) What a beautiful Valentine's day it is here. The sun is shining and it is warm too. Mr Mog took the shawls outside to take pictures.
So without further ado I give you 3 finished shawls and the yarn for the next one.
Yes I actually did the third shawl in the past 2 days, a speedy knit with mix of yarns. I was going to make one with some Lisa Souza Sock? merino in Gendarme but sadly once I took the label off prior to winding into a ball I found white patches where the dye hadn't taken. As the yarn is such a bright one the white flashes are really noticeable so I've mixed it in with other stuff. I'd purchased this some months ago with another colour who's name escapes me. That was fine and I actually gifted that to a friend. This one the white blotches are right by the bright blue and the deep red so really show:( It does feel nice though and is great to knit with, just wish the colour hadn't been faulty. The yarn picture is some fabulous kid mohair from Jenny at Fyberspates If you haven't checked out her web site then do her yarns are gorgeous:) This is such a delicate mix of colour and not the mog at all normally, must be the springlike weather:))And of course it isn't for me to wear. Now I have a question for you listening, what pattern do you recommend for this yarn? It is very fluffy. I want to do either a shawl (rectangular) or a scarf. I want some laciness to it but a very lacy pattern won't be doing the yarn justice.
Something simple please:)
I've been quiet a few days because Mr Mog got a nasty virus that affected his inner ear and then passed it on to me without the dizziness but with awful headaches. I think we are on the mend now though. I'm finding it really difficult moving , all my joints are really seized up more than usual. I'm hoping a little more sun and warmth will help.
Valentine's Day - Mr Mog made me a delightful gift. Its a circle of beads in black and white and in the middle we have a lovely heart of red glass. Pictures later for this.


Fab shawls! You have been busy. Love the Calorimetries too. Did you follow the pattern exactly? I've read that it might come out too big on 5mm needles? Loving the new blog too.
angie Cox said…
Lovely shawls Amber , hope you are both feeling better soon . I know what you mean about choosing colours you think are not your normal choice .I am enjoying the soft pinks and roses in the "Damask" I am knitting even though it's hard and splits so I don't think anyone should rush to buy it .
maylin said…
The Fyberspates yarn looks gorgeous, like misty vallies. How about a simple drop stitch pattern, or crossed drop stitch. i.e garter stitch but every 4th row wrap the yarn round the needle 3 times (or use a much bigger needle)and on the following row knit the 3rd and 4th stitch then the 1st and 2nd stitch (there are various ways of doing this)all along the row - repeat ad infinitum. Pretty mindless but very pretty.
Marianne said…
All the shawls are so beautiful, Amber, seriously, one would feel good right now, can't seem to warm up the past couple of days, must make a shawl for myself....and you've given me so much inspiration, you and Angie, the Shawl Goddess and the Shawl Queen/Empress...
Love the photos as always, I hope you feel better soon.
Artis-Anne said…
Oh what lovely shawls they look like exotic butterflies on the foliage :)
I have just got over that bug , very nasty ; hope you are feling better soon
Rebecca said…
Beautiful shawls, beautifully presented. How special would you feel wrapped up in one of those beauties?

Thanks for entering my felt draw.
Dipsy said…
I'm absolutely impressed by these shawls, they're all so very beautiful! I can't for the life of me pick a favourite, they're all so unique and awesome! And I'm totally impressed by how fast you knit, this is amazing!
I'm so sorry to hear that Mr. Mog didn't feel well lately - all the best to him, I hope he'll be doing much better soon!

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