Darn, blast and so forth, plus Socks that rock to trade

Well I visited the doctor today and have to go for heart trace/blood tests and go see the cardiologist. Apparently my heart beat is now irregular and I have what may be a murmur. Not something that fills me with joy at all. I would have thought I had enough health things going on already. Why me and why now?
I'm going for the tests Thursday and then its wait for the cardiologist appointment. All I know is that something that bothered me several times a day is now a lot more frequent so needs fixing.
Anyway folks enough already of the drama:))
I have 2 skeins of socks that rock yarn I want to trade
both lightweight one is Iolite tother is cobblestone county. Both new unused, smoke and (sadly) pet free,
In trade I would love mohair, maybe mountain colours or??


MargaretR said…
I'm so sorry you are having yet more health problems and I hope things can be put right for you soon.
Zefiber said…
I am sorry to hear you have some medical issues being evaluated. If you need a sounding board, or someone to run questions by, I am a physician and you can E-mail me directly. Good luck - keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Marianne said…
Oh dear, I hope everything turns out to be easily remedied and know that healing and loving thoughts are already winging their way to you.
It's just such a bother, getting to a truly wonderful age only to have things fall apart on you...
Sending positive strengths to you, dearest Ambermoggie, direct from the trees of West Cork.

What kind of mohair would cheer you up?

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