spring has sprung in the north west

Thought you might like to see the pictures. Spring is officially here in the north west of England. All our ponds are full of frogs and frog spawn. Dozens of frogs singing away to each other and doing what comes natural at this time of year:) The other picture is of the bottom of our garden, our grove and as you can see its wakening up in there. A joyous sight when you go into the garden or indeed if you view from any window. Doesn't it make you feel glad to be here? As the poem says Oh to be in england now that Spring is here. Knitting? Well I got a gorgeous skein of Colinette Mohair from Angie today, colour amber. Thanks Angie can't wait to turn it into something:) I also had an email from my SP to say last package is on its way and to reveal herself:) Its been fun getting to know her over the past 3 months.
I've almost finished the mohair throw, will be ready for blocking tomorrow and then beading with the amethyst chips.


Holly @Home said…
My pleasure Amber..we have a small inner-city garden but because I keep it wildish we have lots of birds ,the Forsythia is out by the kitchen window along with the daffs ..it really is cheering .
dreamcatcher said…
Lovely photos thanks for sharing. So nice to see Spring finally here. We don't have a pond but we have a toad and possibly some frogs that live in the garden. A week or so ago I went out about 10-30 one evening to put something in the bin, and almost fell over a frog on our back doorstep! Even stranger, it was laying eggs! Poor thing was confused methinks, it was damp and I think it though the worn patch on the step was water :-)
Woooonderful springtime photos - thankyou!! We have only just moved into our house so we are getting to know the garden (and our pup is - ahem - scarifying the lawn for us. Well, it used to be a lawn...). We have day lilies poking up, and a peony, and miniature daffodils, and all sorts of stuff. Very exciting!! :)

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