New project knitters for world peace G8 2006

Just been watching Miss Congeneality again and had a brainwave. Now that the Games are finished how about make a piece for world peace? Had a thought of folks maybe knitting or crocheting a sample piece and sending them me. I'll put together in time for the G8 summit in Russia in July, enmail if you want my address to send to. I'm not madly activist but I do feel that if we knit/crochet a piece with thoughts in our minds of a peaceful world it will help.


Holly @Home said…
Mum started to think of squares with doves,peace ,love,....paz you name it knitted in then she thought of how do you get the leaders who are not on the frontline to get it so knit a soldier with his legs blown off ,a dead child ,a rope for Dubyah's neck ...what the heck will get through to them they sit back and make decisions but they don't sit in a home in Baghdad waiting for the bomb to hit.
gw said…
I'm having a vision of this ENORMOUS piece of fibre art being sent off to the G8....sounds good to me.
ra said…
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