Bags of fun

I'm busy making bags from the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton book for Noro, its kind of a folded bag? plain garter stitch and great to knit while doing other things which I like. However I can't figure out how its meant to stitch up?? It reminds me a little of how you used to fold nappiesI know showing my age. Also the pattern says 10 and 1/2 inch for strap and that is way too short. Second one I've made longer or should I say I'm making longer. Yes even though I haven't figured out how to stitch it up I'm on with the next:)

Anyone made it and can help?


Anonymous said…
Hi the book you refer to for the bag, is it one of the normal Noro pattern books, if so I shall look out for it in my LYS that sells Noro or online. Love that bag, must make one LOL

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