A better day

We had an appointment with oncologist today to discuss the cancer and treatment. She thinks Mr Mog would benefit from a possible trial treatment so she is sending us details and has changed( added to) Mr Mogs medication. We have to go back in four weeks for further blood tests and then find out if he is eligible for the trial.
She thinks the initial prognosis could be extended so while it wouldn't cure things it could delay the inevitable.

We have decided that positive thinking is the way to go, it certainly would help and makes us both feel much better.
So no miracles but a little hope:)


Sea said…
Amber, you and Mr Mog are in my thoughts.
I hope the new treatment is good to Mr Mog.
tattyknits said…
Moggies mine, I am so pleased that there is some positivity for you xxxxxx
Hope and positive thoughts are good things! Blessings to you both.
Blue Witch said…
That's good.

PMA is always the medication of choice in these situations.

Taking part in a drug trial generally mean that you get an assigned specialist nurse (who usually provides much more than just monitoring of the trial: ie extra information, an extra link to the specialist consultants, support, and access/arrangements made for access to support services, and often a dedicated 24 hour hotline for any problems that may arise), and much closer oversight than would otherwise be the case.

Drug trials are funded by pharmaceutical companies and they want the best outcomes, so put a lot of resource (ie money and all it can buy in the way of testing and specialist personnel) into getting the best results. Which is good for everyone.
Freyalyn said…
So glad there's a bit of light around, looking forward to seeing you both at Cockermouth.
Miffy said…
Hugs to you both at this time, I'm so glad to hear that there is possibly a better treatment for Mr Mog. You have both been in my thoughts a great deal these last days.
Happy Solstice to you both and while the nights may be drawing in I hope you are both able to live in the light.
Roobeedoo said…
I am impressed by the regularity of your appointments - and the fact that you get to see specialists - this is all good news! Don't be afraid to ring them up if the drugs have any side effects. Hugs.
oh dear moggies~sending you all of my solstice energies
Rosie said…
Hope is such a wonderful thing:) Mr CK and I are rooting for you. Much love xxx
Leanne said…
holding you both in my prayers still

Leanne x

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