Words or pictures?

On my trawls through blog land over the past few years I have often observed an argument.

Maybe not an argument more of an Us versus Them.
Quite often I've seen it said that a blog with pictures is not a proper blog.
A proper blog is apparently one that just contains writing.

I don't agree.

There are a couple of reasons that come to mind.


A blog is usually someone's personal journal or collection of ideas.
A way to document their life. A place to keep track of projects maybe, or places visited. That kind of thing.
Pictures are useful, indeed I would say necessary, for this.
Something to refer back to.

In this time of computers this is the modern equivalent of a picture album.
As such it is important for the individual who uses their blog for such.

A picture paints a thousand words.

Who has not been moved or horrified by a single image?
A new birth, a beauty in itself.
The pictures that showed the famine in Biafra, so many years ago yet still as heartrending when we see them.
Disasters or triumphs, 1 picture can be a story within itself.

My blog is my journal.

Things I used to write and illustrate in a book I now do online.
For me it has proved to be a more creative medium because I can now use virtually instant photos for illustration.
No more waiting for a film to be developed and then finding out I hadn't quite captured the image I wanted.
My diary has always been a pot pourri of stuff, for lack of a better word.

I could never close the journals with all the bits stuck in. Things I collected on my journey through the seasons and along the wheel of the year.
This blog may not be as tactile but it does enable me to capture more of the elusive dreams and ideas that the muse sends me.
I write and create art, take photos and such for ME, no one else.
I do so online because that is the medium that now gives me more space to be me. Living in a tiny home, space is at a premium and with this method it takes up far less space than books on shelves.
Those who read my diary (blog) do so by choice. What they take away from it is also their choice and very valid.
Should my ideas help or inspire or amuse in some small way then all to the good.
But I don't write for them I write for me.
I suspect most people would say something similar.


Sea said…
Interesting. I write my blog as if I am writing a letter to someone I know well, and understands my sense of humour. My Fidgetty Fingers blog I decided to start up so that I have a record of projects I am working on, and completed. Like you say, much more convenient than writing in a notebook and then trying to get it to close.
Anonymous said…
That's funny in an interesting way, because more often than not I've seen complaints that a blog isn't up to much if it *doesn't* have pictures! Though I think this is probably more a complaint of craft/visual arts based blogs, to be fair. But goes to show that you can't please all of the people all of the time, or even some of the people some of the time. So you just have to please yourself.

I agree witb Sea's comments, in that I tend to have "an audience" in mind when I write my blog, and I tend to stick to one voice, which is my usual rambling, slightly taking the piss out of my self voice. I admire people who can write in a considered, artful way, but it's not something that come's naturally to me.

I often find myself thinking of your blog as I'm out walking, whether it's my journey to work in the morning, or being out for the sake of being out. I appreciate your awareness and insight into the world around you, and how you being your spirit into your posts.

Keep on doing as you do. It suits you well.
Lynn said…
Amber, Never, ever, take your pictures out. I love to see what you are doing or seeing in the world around you. Since I am visiting from "across the pond", I can kind of think that I know what it looks like in comparison to what I am seeing around me. Quite frankly, when I run across a blog with no pictures and paragraphs of writing, I have a tendency to just pass it by. Saying that, I must confess to primarily reading knitting and cooking blogs the most, but I still want to know everything that is going on. But the most important thing is, it is YOUR blog. You are expressing your view of life, what is going on with you and we are just fortunate enough to be able to share it with you. Don't change a thing for anyone but yourself. You are a brilliant, talented woman and the rest of us benefit from hearing about your everyday.

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