It has been a while

It has been a while hasn't it?
Apart from the health stuff and the aged parent fun and games we have had a trip to darkest, or should that be whitest, Essex?
We visited family and also an azure friend:) More on that anon.

Mr Mog's aunt is finding it hard to cope on her own. Hardly surprising as she is well over 90.
Her nearest relatives are Mr Mog's mum, Mr Mog and his sister. All over 6 hours away on a good day.
This will soon change as aged aunt has decided to come and live near us:)
Last week we travelled in this

taking a goodly while to get there.

Aged aunt pleased to see us, as we were her. We are now trying to arrange her transfer from house in Essex to care home near us. Not easy with official bodies I can tell you and certainly not for aged aunt to do on her own. What is it about officialdom that they can't simply help an old lady to be near family? Why do we have to jump through hoops and more?

No matter, it is in hand.
While visiting we took a trip along Clacton sea front and I thought you would like to see some pictures.
Despite the blustery damp day it was great to see the beach and pier etc.
Love the name of this place:)

Spring is well on it's way despite the blizzard.

This garden was fundraising for the Air ambulance and it was packed with statues of all styles and sizes.

From pirates to gorillas, this garden had them all.
As for the azure friend? BW kindly invited us to spend a night there and it was great to finally meet her and Mr BW:)


I hope you bought that big pirate statue for your garden. He would go great with the Lord and Lady!

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