Of health and aged family

Mr Mog had his six monthly oncology check up today. They are very pleased with his progress. the consultant had mentioned that she may take him off the hormone treatment at this appointment but they have now decided to wait another six months to ensure he has had maximum time on them. I don't think either of us are too worried, as Mr Mog said better them than cancer recurring.
After the appointment we drove up to see the aged parent in her care home. I'm glad to say that she is settling in well and is looking much better than she has for a while. Such a relief for us all.

Sadly however Mr Mog's aunt who is 92 is struggling to stay at home due to worsening health. She has accepted that she will most probably have to go into a care home and is quite philosophical about it. She has only just started receiving help and after an assessment? last week has been told that she is eligible for one hour of care per week at a cost to her of £13. Ridiculous as she is having care several times a week already to help her wash and so forth. This is barely adequate for her needs. Her fridge and freezer are down a very shallow step and she can no longer get to them. She is dependant on an (other) elderly neighbour coming in to get food stuffs out for her. It is 2 years I think since she has been out of the house.
We are going down to Essex this weekend to see what help we can give both on the care home front and on ensuing that she has more help in the mean time.
I sometimes wonder where the assessors get their criteria from on deciding these things.


Hurrah! Great to hear about Mr Mogs fantastic news. Made my day, that did . . . :)
Roobeedoo said…
We aren't supposed to get old - didn't you know? We have a Use By date of about 25 years I believe. Poo. : (
Good to hear that Mr Mog is doing well! Hooray!
Blue Witch said…
So, so pleased to hear Mr Mog's good news, and that AP is settling in OK.

Don't start me on elderly assessment criteria, or the unfairness of the Scottish v English systems.

We could be experts on the subject of your weekend jaunt... drop me an email if you fancy meeting up for a chat, or want some local pointers.
fibreclaireUK said…
Great news about mr Moags, not such great news about your aged relative.....I darent comment about the assessment criteria or I will never get off my soapbox XXX
Lynne S of Oz said…
Glad to hear about Mr Mog, sorry about the elderly rellos though.
Mr Mog's aunt might be happier in an aged care place - they can be quite social places with all the old ducks ready to have a chat and a gossip. My father enjoyed his place whilst he still had most of his marbles.

And I *love* the insides of tulips! Alas I missed them here this last season so it will be 18 months in between tulips for me!

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