Yet more snow:)

Yet more snow to wake up to this morning. As the roads are sheet ice underneath you can imagine the chaos in the county.
Idiots in cars are driving as though it were a normal day. Cars abandoned across the county, indeed across the country apparently.

I think all the schools in Lancashire, Cumbria and most of Scotland are closed. My grandsons went back to school today, I suspect most children in England did. The school closed around 10.30 and they were sent home.
Not weather for venturing far but we have food in the cupboards and fridge so a spinning day methinks:)
We have had more snow since these pictures at 10.30 this morning.
I'm still exceedingly sore, it is very painful to sleep and in fact I haven't slept much since I fell Saturday morning. The bruising is still at the angry stage despite constant applications of arnica. I've had to stop the strong pain killers and anti inflammatories as they were making me ill. I'm back on good old paracetamol but they only work for a short while.
It will go when it is ready, no sense moaning it doesn't help at all:)

I've been thinking about this new year and new decade. Something makes me want to seize more of each day if that is possible. I always have to make sure that for all that I give out in my art and craft, and to others who need it, that I have to replenish the stores of inspiration and well being.
To be aware of each day on all levels and take something from every event and action. Not always easy but necessary. How can we give of our selves constantly without this replenishment? We need to store colour, beauty and love for ourselves as well. Not an easy subject to explain what I mean, I may come back to this.
I'm loving the almost monochromatic view from my craft room window, the way that the sound changes with the blanket of snow. It softens it and it softens the world around to a certain extent. I am grateful that I don't need to go anywhere or do anything except appreciate the Lady's white gown today.


Blue Witch said…
With you on everytihg you say about creativity and not giving too much away, or so much that it hurts onself.

I cannot believe how stupid some people are in this weather.

We don't have any more snow, but it is minus 3 and white/black ice everywehre.

Down our lane today I have seen bicyclists, horse riders, people walking dogs (down the centre of the road) and mothers pushing kids in puschchairs. No doubt if they were involved in an accident they'll be suing the poor car driver who was only doing 15mph but had to swerve to avoid them and slipped on the ice.

Oh - and two people using mobile phones hand held.

Absolutely crazy. Some people just don't appreciate the fragility of life do they?
I really hope your coccyx starts to heal soon. I broke mine falling from inline skates a few years back and boy, the pain is exquisite. Really feel for you. Have a great 2010 x
Sea said…
I walked into work this morning, a school, was there before 8am, only to be told that many of the staff could not get there so the school was closed for the day.
Tonight the dogs can just go in the yard as they need, .
The idiots who only clear their windscreens and leave snow on the roof and back screen make me shake my head in disbelief.
Do you have any essential oils to put in a bath to help ease your ahces?
Nettles said…
That's just magic that is! Here we are braced for 5 days straight of very hot mid-30's weather, and that to me is a balm.

And I really do agree with your words on needing to replenish - to store the beauty and love for ourselves a bit. I think it can be too easy to forget to do that.
I think our country is being run on rampant competetive polictical agendas. Otherwise the political decisions would actually make a difference in the NOW for the American people. I swear I don't believe the basic solutions for us are rocket science. Basics, food, lodging, medical care. The snowball was rolled down the hill years ago when prices were raised on gas...Also, too many chiefs, I see chaos. Reroute funding to help the American people on a temporary basis. Until a permanent solution show its face. For all my strong verbage I am trying too remain steady. By staying busy keeping my mind occupied with the positive. I do plan to scope out new blood for out political arena when I next vote. Sigh....

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