4th year of knitting for hospice, decision made on what

This will be my fourth year of knitting for the local hospice.
First year I did shawls, 13 that was 1 for each lunar month
Second year I did socks 39 pairs.
Last year was an assortment of socks, shawls, hats and cowls. 26 items altogether.
So this fourth year I didn't know what to knit. I do want to continue my hospice knitting, it is part of giving something back and I do enjoy it.
I've decided that every item will be with my own handspun yarn.
That means each month for every item I will have to spin and knit:)
It may be my own handdyed fibre, if I receive donations then it will be other people's hand dyed fibre.
But I'll spin it and I will knit it.
What do you think?

We still have snow and very treacherous ice. Main roads are clear but side roads and paths are awful. I'm getting cabin fever here and I'm longing for the opportunity to have a wee trip out in the fresh air. Not just to sit in the car.


Sea said…
Stay inside and safe. With just one stick walking is bad.
Would hats make sense?
Lynn said…
I think you are one of the most amazing woman I "know"! I think that the hospice is so grateful for whatever you create and share with them, they probably don't care what form it takes. I am trying to follow your lead by knitting and crocheting for others and while I frequently feel like I am sending a child away to school for the first time, it is a very rewarding experience. Hopefully you can get out in the next couple of days. Stay warm and be careful though.
we have not been able to get out of our road for three days so far~to get to the only main road out of the village involves naviagting two roads on gentle slopes always with card parked and we just dont want to risk it as all the roads here in the village are solid ice!
stay safe and warm!
Roobeedoo said…
A good resolution to the "want to spin not knit but still knit for the hospice" dilemma - great idea Amber!
Jen said…
Very inspiring post, your efforts must be greatly appreciated!

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