'Twere the coccyx what took the brunt

Last night it froze very hard, this morning we woke up to rain. We were going to visit our daughter and grandsons. From the front door to the drive there are 2 steps.
You all remember that I christened the back steps by falling down them in the summer? well I've done the same today . The steps had ice under the rain which we didn't know. Mr Mog had already been out the door a couple of times and no problems. I apparently found the only bit that was slippy:(
I landed firmly on my rear, specifically the coccyx. It is probably some consolation that I'm not a skinny person, the padding helped I think.
But I am in a lot of pain, dosed up on various things, covered in arnica frequently and can't sit too long or lie down for long. Worst pain I have had in a long while.
I don't like steps or stairs, at all.


Anonymous said…
Ow! Once i fell on a slippery wet marble stair but luckily sort of on my side. I got a beautiful bruise covering half my butt - looked like a blue wedgewood plate. Icepacks helped with the pain.I wish you a speedy recovery!
Lynn said…
Amber, I'm so sorry you got hurt! Please take care of you. I knew there was a reason I carried extra padding. It is for this type of weather. Get out the pillows, warm tea and DRUGS! Hope you get feeling better soon. It's really difficult to spin or knit while lying on your side (can't really visualize that). Won't kiss your "boo-boo" but will send a gentle hug. Lynn
Oh dear, a coccyx injury is so very painful! I hope you'll be x-rayed by the doctor and given some good painkillers. What rotten luck!
Oh hun! :(

Lots and lots of analgesics, hugs from Mr M and gentle sparkles from this end of the country.

*healing vibes*
ouch! i did the same once and broke my wrist at the same time! i was snowboarding however!
but oh my isnt it painful?
keep dosing yourself up and stay nice and warm and cosy~thinking of you
Sea said…
Sorry you fell.
The weather was very sneaky here last night, a frost, then sleet, then rain on top. I was going to drive to Lancaster, but as they hadn't even gritted the bus routes I went by bus, and early. As I use a stick when walking...felt like an old dear, being careful.
Hope you feel better soon.
Suzi Smith said…
Aw.. bloody painful, I know, sending love n (((hugs))) xx
aniexma said…
Ooo, very nasty. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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