Roll on new year

Not long been out of bed and I feel terrible.
Yesterday we went to Ikea in Warrington to meet a blogger friend, then into Preston for some last minute shopping by Mr Mog.
Ikea was extremely frighteningly quiet, apparently it is at this time of year. All to the good you might say and indeed it was. I managed to get around without being jostled or people tripping over the crutches and then giving me the look as if it was my fault they were so clumsy. We got what we went for, more tealights for us and friends, rugs and lamp for my son who has just moved into his first proper home. Trouble is that to get the tealights entailed going in to the candle department. The smell of the artificial fragrances was overpowering. Could be that the lack of people concentrated the smell there, who knows. But for me a nightmare, it sets off my asthma, gives me headaches and downright knocks me for six.
Then after a bite to eat off to Preston. Our friend has a delightful new age/gift shop on the outskirts of the city and I love visiting her, we are very close. Trouble is that she also sells candles and smellies. After an hour we left to go into town and I was even more low.
Still the thought of Mr Mog just having to go into Lush helped. I knew i didn't need to . I decided to check out Primark, what a mistake. I left Mr Mog at the door arranging to meet him soon as he had shopped. What I hadn't realised was - there were 2 doors. I was pushed around and overwhelmed by the smells and frankly the negative desperation I felt from those around. Consumerism gone crazy. I wished I hadn't gone in. I couldn't find Mr Mog and for the first time in many a while I started with a panic attack. Finally I found a second door and he was waiting there for me. I can't tell you how happy I was.
Now normally i keep barriers up when I go into crowded places it is second nature to keep away the psychic vampires ( as my nanny was wont to say).
For some reason I had apparently let them slip and all this negativity and christmas shoppers hit home. I just about got home and then felt as if I was having a very bad flu attack. Shivery sick and not at all well. Early bed still feeling sick.
This morning I got up very late and had dry toast with a little honey together with fennel tea.
I'm much better now but steamrollered. No more crowds and shops for this moggie til after new year.
Some relaxation amongst the woods and I'll recover my equilibrium.


intl said…
I really can't stand crowds myself. I managed to do all of my holiday shopping online this year! Hope you're feeling better soon!
Tammy said…
Oh sweet amber, gentle hugs to you and no crowds. I don't do so well in situations like that either. Keep yourself covered and filled with soothing tea.
Rosie said…
What a nightmare: hope you'll be feeling far happier again soon. xx
Blue Witch said…
I know exactly how you feel regarding the artificial 'fragrances' and crowded shops. Hope you're feeling better today.
Cecilia said…
*HUG* Hope you're feeling better soon. I hope you'll be coming here soon for some tranquility (sort of anyway...we have Stanley the Billy Goat visiting at present...) Thinking of you & Mr Mog lots at the moment.
LizzieK8 said…
Your blog is still in my Google Reader so it must have been a Ravelry glitch.....
I still have a couple of things to buy and am dreading the shops. I don't even attempt to go into Manchester this time of year. I just wish I had sonme "proper" shops closer to me.
I can't do crowds either but my panic attacks start on crowded trams and in crowded lifts.
I haven't travelled by plane for many years as I passed out in the airport before I even got on the plane last time!
Helen said…
Mrs Mog you take it easy now. If I could I'd bottle up some fresh Highland air and send it your way. Instead I'll send virtual hugs and best wishes for a quiet Christmas and a peaceful new year.
yvonnep said…
Oh my dear, yes all those smells this time of year can be hell...hope you feel beter soon.

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